Welcome to my photography website. I'll be adding remastered archive and new work as they’re completed. Follow me on social media (@ianmilleruk) to see when additions are made. Click here if you want to use any images for usage terms. Any questions, please email! Learn about me here.I hope you enjoy my work, Ian.

Hi there. I’m Ian.

I was a creator before the term existed in modern vernacular. One of my favourite areas of work is when I have the honour of freezing moments in time via photos. This site aims to showcase those slices of existence through my archive (which I’m slowly remastering and reposting) and new work.

Let’s rewind a bit. My love of photography grew from my Dad, I learned to use a light meter and calculate settings on his SLR at a young age. In the 00’s I started sneaking a camera into the gigs I was attending in and around London, soon discovering I had a knack for getting great results. My friendships with those in the bands and industry grew, soon enough I found that I’d somehow blagged my way into the world of ‘three songs, no flash’ as what you’d now call a side hustle to my main job.

I had commissions from bands, labels, magazines (though often being paid more for writing reviews and feature articles than the photography bizarrely) and licensed these shots nationally and international to publications from Rolling Stone, through to grassroots student mags whom I loved to support.

Around 2007 I suffered a small stroke. It became harder to complete the work alongside a day job and with no break in the industry to change that (you’d be amazed how many articles started using camera phone images), I stopped that side of my life. Soon after I removed my archive from the internet due to the work becoming increasingly stolen and used for free without permission by businesses associated with the industry.

Which brings us to the now. It’s 2022 and feels time to look back on that work and get it back online, albeit with slightly jarring watermarks to try and prevent theft. (Note: you can read my usage terms here if you like the images).

The archive

I’m going back through my entire archive of images. Scanning negatives, upscaling early generation DSLR jpgs and reappraising every frame I took. It’s a slow process and I’ll be uploading them to this site as each set is completed. Follow me on social media to learn about updates. Chances are I’ll post about bands long gone that you’ve never heard of, but the image shows what was happening at the time, as I said, I document the moment.

Alongside musicians, I’ll also share any other image I feel is worth sharing. For example, images of London landmarks that no longer exist.

New work

I’ll also be undertaking new work in different fields. I’m hoping to do some around performance and entertainment, though gigs are extremely unlikely. I’ve ideas for photography projects to undertake, details of which I’ll post when the time is right, the results will of course also be added to this site.


What I’ve aimed to do is arrange photos by simple top-level categories to help you find what interests you the most. Want to see all images from London’s Astoria? Browse to it via ‘by venue’. Only interested in photos of the band My Vitriol? Browse by band where you can find all the images I have of them or find a specific show.

Jump into the menu and you can also browse that navigation tree, search for keywords, jump into the calendar. There are so many ways to find photos.

So that’s me. Have a look around, I hope you enjoy. Want to say hello? I’m on social media or you could drop me an email. You can also visit my other sites by visiting ianmilleruk.com